Under pressure, Miami-Dade gets new climate-change chief

So, Miami-Dade is finally getting on the climate change train. But, does a Climate Change Chief really deserve a $170,000 salary?? I guess that is to TBD. After all, Miami and Miami Beach only floods nowadays when the tide comes in.

SERIOUSLY! On September 28, 2015 the entire transportation system was brought to a sketching halt. I-95 was shut down due to a police incident and out main alternatives were all flooded due to the super moon. US -1 was down to one lane at I-395, A1A was closed to all traffic south of I-191 (Julia Tuttle). WHAT A MESS!

Here is a bit of the article about our new “chief” and the link for the full article.

“Weeks after bowing to environmentalists’ demands that he create the post, Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez named a veteran planner to coordinate the county’s response to climate change…

Also, here is an article from earlier in the year from the APA websie:

Gore: Florida in crosshairs of sea level rise caused by climate change

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