‘Monumental’ plan aims to prevent homelessness

This is  a great article about what is being done to address homelessness. Salt Lake City has really taken the lead! Other cities and regions need to look at what seems to be working. It’s a shame we don’t have this cooperation in Miami.  

“This (plan) recognizes that the faces of homelessness are human beings, real people in our community,” the mayor said. “It recognizes that even though we spend, collectively, $52 million per year on homelessness, we aren’t achieving the outcomes that we hold ourselves to.”

“The work we are each doing needs to be a part of a system rather than an individualized effort,” McAdams said. “By agreeing to pull together in the same direction as a team, we are going to make the biggest dent yet in the problem of homelessness.”

14 goals

1. Recognize and meet the distinct needs of these at-risk and homeless populations: families with children, transitional-aged youth, single men and women, veterans, domestic violence victims, individuals with behavioral health disorders, individuals who are medically frail or terminally ill, individuals exiting prison or jail, and unsheltered homeless.

2. Divert individuals and families from emergency shelters whenever possible.

3. Meet the basic needs of those in crisis.

4. Provide individuals and families with stabilization services when they need them.

5. Decrease Salt Lake County’s homelessness rates over time.

6. Coordinate entry and a common, consistent assessment tool to provide appropriate, timely access to services across the system.

7. Individuals who are homeless have a relationship with a case worker or similar individualized support.

8. Individuals who exit homelessness will be employed and/or have increased income or financial stability.

9. Salt Lake County’s housing supply meets the demand and needs of all residents.

10. People have access to the specific services and supports they need to avoid homelessness.

11. Children, adolescents and adolescents transitioning to adulthood do not experience homelessness.

12. If individuals and families become homeless, we prevent it from happening again.

13. Neighborhoods that host homeless service facilities are welcoming and safe for all who live, visit, work, recreate, receive services or do business there.

14. Neighborhoods offering services also offer access to employment, job training and positive activities during the day.


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