URGENT! The Battle for South Florida…

Sea level change is not just an issue for Florida. Some estimates have as much as 40% of the current U.S. population in direct harm from changing seas over the next 50 years.

Joey Flechas and Jenny Staletovich are the authors of a series of articles, very thorough and published by the Miami Herald, addressing climate change and the multitude of issues we will face in South Florida. Check them out and let me know what you all think.

Miami Beach’s battle to stem rising tides

Beyond the high tides, South Florida water is changing

Here are a couple of quotes from officials that really get me fired up:

Gov. Rick Scott — who has largely dodged the climate change issue throughout his tenure — vetoed $750,000 for the Beach’s pump program. The reason? The project “does not provide a clear return on investment.”

“We’re constantly going to be changing what we do based on new information. And we can’t plan now for 2100,” said Nicole Hefty, chief of the county’s sustainability office
See the articles from JOEY FLECHAS AND JENNY STALETOVICH here:

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