The Future Of Fort Lauderdale: Here’s What Our City Might Look Like In 2050

by Eric Barton January 2017

You’ve seen those videos from a half-century ago predicting a rosy future, right? Everything in the kitchen is done with the push of a button, and we all zip along in cars controlled by robots. It all seems a bit quaint now.

Nowadays, when we talk about the world of tomorrow, it’s sea-level rise and climate change, massive hurricanes that swamp South Florida, and over-congested city centers lacking basic infrastructure.

But imagine instead that innovation will win. Imagine the big problems of today will be solved by inventors and the hard work of many.

So then, that’s what this story is about. It’s about imagining Fort Lauderdale in 2030, or maybe 2050, at a time when we’ve adjusted and adapted. We’ve bested sea-level rise and transportation and renewable power.

With some work and a whole lot of conviction, the ideas that follow just might be the future for our city.

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