Millennials Can’t Change U.S. Driving Habits Alone

Interesting article about Millennials and our affect on our world!

Freemark of The Transport Politic notes that some “hopeful commentators” are banking on today’s millennials (those between ages 18 to 34 in 2015) who have shown a greater inclination for transit usage, biking, and living in cities than preceding generations, to realize “a less car-dependent future.” But “(t)he basic facts of life on the ground in America—that our country is an automobile-oriented society—remain the case.”

Marginal changes in the way a new generation behaves, or even major changes in the way a new generation thinks, cannot overcome the realities of a country where more than three-fourths of jobs are located more than three miles of downtowns and where only one-fourth of homes are in places that their residents refer to as urban.

2 thoughts on “Millennials Can’t Change U.S. Driving Habits Alone

  1. I’m beginning to think that job sprawl is the #1 biggest obstacle in creating sustainable urban communities in America, especially in a world where both spouses work. What are the odds a family can find a safe neighborhood with decent schools that also allows both parents to commute to work without a car?

    Not many neighborhoods in this country fit the bill, and the ones that do tend to be exorbitantly priced.

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