Treading Water; Florida’s bill is coming due.

"Mr. Shep tell Chaney everything. And Chaney tell me everything. And I don't tell nobody nothing. But I'm going to tell you something right now. Sooner or later...everybody's bill comes due."
That is one of my favorite quotes from "The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" and it seemed to make the point of this article.

In the article, “Florida’s bill is coming due, as the costs of climate change add up around the globe. Adaptations will buy time, but can they save Miami?” the idea is raised that it is Miami’s time to pay up. The article touches on how new ideas, innovation, and a little help from the dutch, might help South Florida “pay the coming cost”.  The next question is how do we “PAY” for it with little local and state commitment or even acknowledgment.

Frank Behrens, a gregarious pitchman for a Dutch development company that sees profit, not loss, in climate change, cuts the engine on our 22-foot Hurricane runabout. We drift through brackish water toward the middle of privately owned Maule Lake in North Miami Beach.

It’s not quite paradise.

The lake, like so many others in Florida, began as a rock quarry. In the years since, it has served as a venue for boat races, a swimming hole for manatees, and a set for the 1960s TV show Flipper. More recently, as if to underscore the impermanence of South Florida’s geography, more than one developer has toyed with partially filling in the lake to build condos. Behrens is promoting a floating village with 29 private, artificial islands, each with a sleek, four-bedroom villa, a sandy beach, a pool, palm trees, and a dock long enough to accommodate an 80-foot yacht. The price: $12.5 million apiece……..

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